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The nights alone at the edge of the water are often the hardest. I’ve spent many nights here breathing in salty air awaiting an answer to a thousand questions running miles through my head. Water thrashes around me, whispering sweet nothings; suddenly I am reminded of times I spent with Alan, although now it seemed we were living in two different worlds. We often fished here, but occasionally we would lie along the shoreline and have nose-to-nose conversations about everything and nothing simultaneously. His eyes were the most piercing cerulean, and as he spoke I felt them pierce through me like the sharpest of razors. He and I had something beautiful, much like the magic produced by the waves. Like the waves, though, the magic soon washed away so suddenly that I was left questioning the smallest parts of my own identity. I had completely lost myself in what it meant to share a remarkable love with another being, and truthfully, I was unsure of how our situation had changed so dr
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 1 0
i'm no stranger to [ substances ] or ways to get inside someone's head.
i'm no stranger to the small of someone's back.
i'm honest when i lie and i lie when i'm honest.
i turn failed attempts
                     at alcohol fueled encounters
                     into novels,
            and genuine doses of reality into nightmares.
                            i crave acceptance and safety,
                      but i'm running from a woman i don't even know.
                            i am old enough to have a past,
                      but young enough to have a future.
i crave warmth, and the idea that i will someday be treasured by another being, in ways that are far beyond comprehension.
                           i miss my father at night, when i need someone to listen.
i miss my grandfather when my heart aches for those who are
uncomfortable in their own skin.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 3 2
but june may.
i am sorry that public service announcements are somewhat ineffective. i am sorry that no matter how hard you try, you will not pass the fitness test. you cannot climb a rope. that is just silly.
i am sorry that your suspenders do not hold up your jeans. i did not know that twelve-year-old boys who are twenty-something on the outside were in need of giant elastic bands. they make large rubber bands, you know.
i am sorry that you always lose at monopoly. i am not sorry that you do not take my advice. i am sorry that you cannot breathe and the air jumps through you and you are a walking pogo stick with plastic bones. i am sorry i did not catch you, and i am sorry you have tubes up your nose.
let's pretend we are
five again, with no worries
and balls of rubber.
they dance and they crawl
onto the concrete, and they
roll down the hills of
putrid green and sad
grey. dead flowers are not easy
to forget. they are
not called forget-me-
nots; they are just called dead. dead,
with lit
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 3 0
let's move                to a place
                                 where it is cold forever
                                  so that we can dance
in the snow, make
angels and sleep in the space
between dawn and night-
fall in the chasm
and dangle in the warmth
of everything we
knew; let's move to a
place where we know no margin
and there's no sign of
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 5 2
remember when we bought
balloons with our allowance?
we walked up to the hillside, and we
let them go.
your mother told me all of the people in heaven missed their families,
so we wrote "i love you" on every yellow balloon.
yellow was my mother's favorite.
and i'm sure my mother missed me too.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 9 5
november *
you are a storyteller
and i want to know
everything that
you are willing to
share with  me. i will
become a human sponge, and
soak in the words that
spill from your lips. they
are scarred and torn, but
they are yours, and that
makes them inexplicably
perfect, tangible
and fresh. you are young
and unexplored, and i am
a traveler. sometimes
we journey into
places that do not deserve
our presence. this is
expected, and we
must adjust ourselves to the
new surroundings, which
is easier said
than done; my compass points to
an endless plain, marked
with oddity and
a heart made of kaolin.
i promise not to
share your crevices
with anyone; sometimes we
voyage to places
where we overstay our welcome.
but that is acceptable.
i'm a traveler
and home is where you
feel the safest. and the most
aware of your old
surroundings, breaking
ground for a new wanderer
with tales they will share.
they are made of mud
and heat. they are twisted, but
renewable. you,
the minstrel, are now
mended and sew
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 14 12
reminisce. by MaybeSomedayx reminisce. :iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 3 6
only the good die young.
we are sleeping but
you'd never know it because
we are still alive
our teeth are not clenched
and our fingers are not laced
but we are loving
we are happy but
you'd never know it because
we are still bawling
our hopes are too high
just for all the wrong reasons
but we are thankful
we are dead but we
are okay, because we know
our hopes were too high
and that's alright since
everything else will just slip
but we are loving
and that is all we will ever need to get by.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 3 0
day nine.
you are a sidewalk-chalk smile and a broken guitar string;
you aren't perfect, but you're alright.
i pick up my phone at three in the morning just after the end credits to your favorite tv show.
please show me what i'm hoping might be there.
but it's still nothing, there's no alert.
new text message: go to sleep.
sleep with one eye open, maybe. both? not a chance.
i trust myself enough not to fall in love with you.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 6 2
internet friend,
dear favorite internet friend,
you are a fiesty, spunky Canadian girl, and i love you dearly for putting up with me for these four years.
our girl talk is the best part of every day. you will never know how proud i am of you for everything you've been through and overcome. i love you.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 1 0
dear ex:
let's pretend the two years and two weeks we were together were worth writing a letter.
i said i wouldn't be happy with anyone else like i was with you.
i was wrong.
i am so much better off without you.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 8 3
dreams -
i really don't know what you are like because i am one of those people who refuses to go to sleep. i have had so many bad experiences with you, that it wouldn't hurt me any if i drank a gallon of coffee a day, in an attempt to avoid you at all costs.
oh, don't read this like you don't know what i'm referring to.
he was black and purple and under seven feet of dirt and most of his face looked like a waxy mess of vomit and watermelon and he was bleeding from every orifice of his body. it was darker than the sky after a hurricane, and it was pouring down rain. of course i was asleep and i do not actually know that it was raining, but in my dream it was as if i could feel the acid hit me and burn away the pores on my face. the hole had been so deep that his body had to be exhumed with construction equipment, and his son was standing there watching the whole thing.
the deceased man's son later broke into my house and shot me.
i woke up before i "died".
i would rather literally kick the buck
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 2 17
dear woman on the street:
i don't know you, and you don't know me.
i'm sure that people think you're incredible.
i love the way you walk, as if you have the
entire world on your shoulders and the
rest of your life ahead of you.
i wonder if you'll find a cure someday, or
if you'll ever be a mother, or an aunt,
or someone's mentor. i wonder if you have
ever smoked or done hard drugs or had
wild sex at parties like some people i know.
and i secretly hope you have, because everyone
has lessons they should learn sometime,
and judging from the way you look at your
pointed-toed shoes, you have something
to hide, or be ashamed of.
i hope it all gets better, stranger.
i really do.
and if i am wrong, well, let's pretend i never wrote this and
you caught the city bus on time and
you arrived at the place you needed to get to,
and nothing tragic happened.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 1 1
dear pawpaw hank:
you are my closest relative, and you are all the hope that sits right under my heart.
you're the nearest thing to a father that i have.
when i was little, you removed my first bee sting, and you told me not to play with bees again.
you fell almost five years ago. i still cry when i think about it.
there was a point in time, when you were on the ventilator, we all thought you were unresponsive.
i walked up to you and held your hand. i told you i love you and that i miss you, and i wanted you to come home and dance with granny again. you could hear me.
you heard me. and you squeezed my hand.
having you around makes everything better, and i love it when you chase me down the hallway in your scooter.
i love you, pawpaw.
never forget that.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 2 3
dear parents.
thank you for giving me life when you could have said "terminate".
thank you for holding my head up all those times.
thank you for just being here.
fuck you for giving me life and disowning me.
fuck you for having two other kids and doing the same thing to them.
fuck you for just being alive.
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 2 0
there aren't many of you-
if you have ever played scrabble you'd know that words like "are" and "is" and "the" make you a terrible player and should cause a meltdown.
if you have ever played chess you'd know the secret to the queen's sacrifice, and it isn't what you think.
i have built castles and blown them up with fireworks. this is not the fourth of july but we could pretend. because that is what best friends do, they pretend. they pretend to be okay and that the neon band-aid under their eye is some lady gaga inspired fashion statement. but a real best friend knows that it is all an act and we are not that naive. best friends know that when you say you are okay, you could be lying. they will shake you and tell you to 'spill the beans', but they never specify if they are kidney or lima or actual peas. i don't think a best friend pays attention to detail in these situations.
i have cut the thorns from roses and given them to boys. a best friend respects you for being masculine and backwards. a bes
:iconmaybesomedayx:MaybeSomedayx 3 7


love letter to destruction
i bent until i broke for you
so that you could use me
until i was beautiful.
you were so welcome in my home.
you were the first who should have
been back on the street,
begging to be let to take advantage,
ravish and ravage, innocent bodies.
sitting here in my panties and socks,
sweater slouching with no arms in its threads,
i am waiting for you to remember
that you are in love with me
when i know you are not.
denial is the spark of stars
catching fire on a gasoline sky.
it is the poetry of hate sex and cold fingers,
knuckles popping underwater,
ringing like pennies.
it is the empty space
between yes and no,
beauty and hatred,
everything and nothing,
at all.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 126 62
love letter to the state of florida
i am not in love with you.
i left you when the leaves turned and i'm back for now,
but only 'til i muster the strength to hoist my bags & run away
for good.
believe me, it's not that you're not paradise,
because i've had my fair share of briny breezes & tequila sunrises
and i too have caught myself with my toes in the sand for a tad
too long.
blinding white is just too opaque for glass houses and you know
the way the sun shines at midday, that'll melt your face right off
if you stare long enough--
trust me, i know a guy.
last saturday i saw your face on the cover of a national geographic
at the doctor's office,
they caught you singing in the misty rain, voice sweet i remember
like honeysuckle & orange blossoms in the summertime,
there were strands of sargassum woven into your hair, it smelled of
fresh dew, it stole the sun in handfuls and waltzed with the wind
around your shoulder blades;
i found angels sleeping in the crook of your back, skin golden honey
opening to catch saltsp
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 241 68
your name has a familiar taste
under the moth-like hum of a lamppost,
your lips molded around hers like a cast
mending a broken wrist.
i stood motionless and watched
as her figure became shapeless,
conforming to your crevices and
letting your hands glide over it
like sudden rain clouds.
as i choked in the outskirts of your paradise,
i couldn't help but wonder if we, too,
looked this way before sickening ourselves.
as we multiplied in fractions and 2 became 1,
did the crunch of the leaves
beneath our backs realize the magic?
your teeth imprisoning my tongue for never too long,
my fingers shaping themselves to the curve of your neck.
our gentle caress disintegrated
like a thunderstorm to a campfire
to solemn ashes and broken twigs.
i first sensed your absence when i knelt in prayer
and your taste was not on the tip of my tongue. from
then on, i ritualized purging myself of every memory.
2 months later and you are still not ridden from me.
regardless of all this mess, your touch is still the epitome of content.
you are
:iconlearningtobefree:learningtobefree 32 17
Mature content
fetal :iconglossolalias:glossolalias 14 12
Mature content
For Amanda, Belated. :iconglossolalias:glossolalias 24 0
coping mechanisms
it confused you, the way i carried myself like an anthem.
my honeysuckle hair folded around my face in a frame of
concealment; the way i brushed foreign words across your
tongue like a series of revivals.  
we were a resurrection hiding in the shallowest of waters,
so it shouldn't have come as a surprise when we drowned
our worth in glorified tears and cheap vodka.
addiction is a dirty trick: you
with lashing language and all that weed.
me with watching it happen.
it saddened me to mention you, the way our skin absorbed
the hope of every tomorrow in just one night.
how we built castles fit for royalty from each other's morals,
yet abandoned them like stubborn subjects.
we tethered ourselves like two  anchors destined for an inevitable shipwreck.
smile, you said.
it's not all bad.
and i can't help but wonder why our interlacement unwinded.
your lingering taste holds me back.
the possibility of meeting again for the first time keeps me going.
:iconlearningtobefree:learningtobefree 27 4
Mature content
limp cock :iconglossolalias:glossolalias 13 16
Cherry Pie by Silendra Cherry Pie :iconsilendra:Silendra 23 1
Recorded Conversation
"that annoying bitch,
always faking insanity
to seem more interesting"
says valerie. she stares into
a coffee mug: cigarette butts floating
on the molded surface, gold bands unnaturally
bright. she glances up at me and then right down at
the phone in her hand, continuing "i miss her so much.
i wish she would just text back."
:iconglossolalias:glossolalias 13 9
A Triumph of Technology 3 by SergVandreef A Triumph of Technology 3 :iconsergvandreef:SergVandreef 209 12
what i wouldn't give
to have my body sink down
into yours, cocooned
in the tumultuous quicksand
of human flesh.
i have never been so moved
as by your touch, the slinking seeping
brush. the universe dispels
and in the absence of everything,
i am less alone
than i have ever been.
:iconem-arginated:em-arginated 166 36
our sleeping patterns collide.
I wake up tired.
I wake up tired and it's afternoon again.
I wake up tired and I am alone.
It's like every night i fall asleep with you on my mind, and I quickly sort through my thoughts leaving the prettiest ones on top so I can try them on in the morning. So everyday, I wake up and try on being in love with you. Except every morning, it's three inches too big or a centimeter and a half too small or it's brushing my kneecaps like it's too long. But I wear it anyways, since I'm used to being a shade left of ordinary or two steps past crazy. I'm used to wearing love and I'm used to you.
I'm used to falling asleep next to you and waking up alone.
You call me.
You call me adorable and I like it.
You call me your own and it feels like a fairytale.
We spend the weekends curled up on iced lakes like mirrors, scratching our stories into their frozen surfaces, and you write about adventures you'll never have and places you'll never go with a girl I wish I could always be. And I write about
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 499 279
fireflies in training
once upon a time
i met a magpie
hatched in a nest of thieves
you might think this will be a tale
about how she grew up
turning story pages
and realized her brothers and sisters
were villains
as well as herself
and then she shifted
from evil to good
alas, but no
i came to her with a necklace
which she snatched in her beak
not to mention my wallet
and flew away
to share with her mafia family
but when she arrived at the nest
all she knew was
looking for what was lost
she flew across the globe
with jewelry rattling around her neck
she sat on the peak of the eiffel tower
soared together with soap bubbles in poland
was shot by a soft gun in japan
but nursed by a cup of tea
while i collected fireflies
in an empty jar
so i trained my jar of lit insects
to fly upside down
from her to me
we met again
and i complimented her necklace
she told me
«i have returned from a journey
i lost a leg
i saw the world
for what it is
birds sang about you
i learnt how you plucked
every egg of my famil
:iconleukippos:Leukippos 209 40
you are
just as
as everyone
you are
in a cage
you built
for yourself.
my chest
starts to
when you
and don't
mean it
take a
what you're
:iconneurochemistry:neurochemistry 7 7
Mature content
Beauty :iconmyworldindarkness:MyWorldInDarkness 2 0
22 by J-F-Wright 22 :iconj-f-wright:J-F-Wright 1 0


Oh, now this shot, I really adore. I love the way you caught the child swinging in mid air. Also, I love the way the light shines from ...

Overall I think this is a nice shot, I owned an XSi at one point, they're nifty. I love the way you've stacked a few of the red pieces ...





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